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Condominium Management

Elara is unlike our competitors, and that’s a good thing. We are a family owned and operated business with an emphasis on customer service, and personalized pricing and services.

We see our clients as people, not numbers on a spreadsheet. Every Condo Board is unique—we recognize that, and tailor our services to your particular needs.

We know there are very few condo management teams that offer a person-to-person, customized, and engaged service.

Condominium Management: Buying

Financial Management

Full Cycle Accounting

Detailed and Timely Financial Reporting

Budget Preparation and Implementation

Annual capital expenditure forecast

Annual building assessment

and condition report


Property Maintenance

Contract management

 On-call & emergency support

 Predictive maintenance system

 Predictive maintenance performance review

 Electrical service and distribution systems 

 Heating, ventilating &

air conditioning systems

 Plumbing & drainage systems

 Lifting device system

 Life safety systems


Board Management 

Attend & Management of Board

Minute tracking and Agenda Preparation

Prepare and mail out notices, proxies, ballots, agendas, accounting statements and special reports for Annual General Meetings

Attend & Manage Annual General

Meeting of the Corporation

Issue Tracking and management


Owner Management

Board Representative

Bylaw Adherence and interpretation

Enforcement and Infraction Specialists

Dispute and Mediation Management

Condominium Management: Products
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