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Board Management

We've worked with a range of owners, shareholders and investors. Our tailored, customer driven approach lets decision makers set the communication style, timeline expectations and output needs.

Contemporary Boardroom

Board Meetings

Our agreements don't limit board meetings. We meet at your convenience and based on the needs of the property. 

We are as flexible as our clients are diverse.

Minute & Agenda Management

We let boards spend their time on what really matters - discussion and reviewing the needs of the property, not administering minutes, tracking issues or following up on items.

We make it easy, consistent and convenient to follow, access and participate in issues, access current and historical minutes and get updates on important items. 


Just like everything we do, we customize to the needs of the property.

Our team produces well informed AGM packages and enables in-person management that provides owners and shareholders a sense of pride and clarity in their property while making AGM access, interpretation and scheduling a simple and easy process to understand. 

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