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Property Maintenance

Contact Elara today to setup, manage and review your predictive maintenance programs and repair cycles to ensure your maximizing efforts to reduce cost, extend equipment longevity and protecting the buildings depreciation.

The New House

Contract Management

We've seen countless times properties getting locked into unreasonable terms, prices or clauses. 

Get an expert on your side to ensure your contracts are optimized in your properties favor and not the vendor. 

Predictive Maintenance

Building systems are complex. Our team does more than manage repairs;

We build long term strategies and work with qualified experts to review the current and historical repairs, underperforming components and system lifespans to reform the building and improve the user experience.


With 24/7 support and industry leading affiliates for flooding, fire and security events we have the resources and expertise to guide your occupants, shareholders and users start to finish through property complications.

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