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Financial Management

Elara Property Management Inc. has a team of skilled, educated and well versed individuals in all accounting activities required to protect, anticipate and represent your property needs.

At Elara, we do not believe in extra’s, we don’t believe in tracking postage, paper-clips and minutes spent on the phone. We want to earn and maintain your trust by helping you solve real estate related issues at market competitive rates

Full Cycle Accounting

Full cycle accounting is the process of recording and transacting all financial activities in the life cycle of the Condominium or property.

Let our professionals seamlessly collect your revenue, process your accounts payable in a timely, predicable fashion and setup your properties transactions with multilevel controls and review points that exceed your expectations. 


Owner's should demand more in their reporting. Elara goes above and beyond in detailed and complete packaging; All by the 15th of each month. Contact us for a sample package to see what you could be getting!

Customizable configurations and flexible package setups are tailored to your properties behaviors, the boards preferences and the budget requirements; All cornerstone to our expansive reporting protocols. 


Extensive, robust budgeting is provided to all our clients and is a key reference component in all decision making processes.

Understanding the implications of the buildings needs, the shareholders goals and the knowledge to prepare for the unexpected are essential in optimizing a properties budget. 

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