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Financial Services

Limited relationship agreements available for your specific needs, from self managed Condominiums lacking the expertise to produce, control and audit their financial situations to an acceptable standard to outsourcing your overflow accounting needs to reduce overhead and provide a consistent, timely accounting output to your clients.


Cash is king. Condominiums, commercial and industrial properties alike aren't able to maintain, insure or protect their asset without adequate and consistent funding.

Our team will build, execute and enforce a multi layer recovery plan for your arrears. 


Informed, accurate budgeting is critical to the current and future stability of your asset.  

A complete review of historical, current and projected expense, deprecation costs and contingency plans along side stake holder goals are only one part of building an optimized budget. 


Cloud enabled software and a team with expertise in quickbooks, buildium and Yardi alongside a hunger to learn the Elara Team provides transparent accounting services with multi level controls and client defined flexibility.

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